Unable to read CID from file


When I start dgraph alpha I get the following message and the execution stops:

unable to read CID from file C:\Users\FJGARC~1.GEN\AppData\Local\Temp/dgraph-alpha-cid-sentry open C:\Users\FJGARC~1.GEN\AppData\Local\Temp/dgraph-alpha-cid-sentry: The system cannot find the file specified… Skip
[Sentry] 2021/07/02 14:42:59 Sending fatal event [d4564e5a9de640bf9a3fe89f81545648] to o318308.ingest.sentry.io project: 1805390
[Sentry] 2021/07/02 14:42:59 Buffer flushed successfully.

If I delete the files from the database and start again it works.
This problem I have had several times.
Sometimes it happens after my computer shuts down suddenly.
I am using version 20.11.3 on windows.

Can someone tell me how I can solve this problem. Do I need to configure something?


Look like you are using Windows, we don’t support it anymore.

On windows I think your best bet is to use the docker that runs in a Linux VM, or any other Linux VM.