Uncaught error - when ACL feature is turned on, and login credentials not passed

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Posted by prashant-shahi:

When I ran the example script against dgraph cluster with ACL feature turned on, I encountered the following error, which wasn’t of much help.

ERROR:  TypeError: Cannot read property 'serializeBinary' of undefined
    at Object.createPayload (/Users/prashant/dgraph-code/dgraph-js/examples/v1.1/node_modules/dgraph-js/lib/types.js:65:105)
    at DgraphClient.<anonymous> (/Users/prashant/dgraph-code/dgraph-js/examples/v1.1/node_modules/dgraph-js/lib/client.js:86:36)
    at step (/Users/prashant/dgraph-code/dgraph-js/examples/v1.1/node_modules/dgraph-js/lib/client.js:32:23)
    at Object.throw (/Users/prashant/dgraph-code/dgraph-js/examples/v1.1/node_modules/dgraph-js/lib/client.js:13:53)
    at rejected (/Users/prashant/dgraph-code/dgraph-js/examples/v1.1/node_modules/dgraph-js/lib/client.js:5:65)

Meanwhile, we need to have more tests around ACL as well.

prashant-shahi commented :

Even when the Dgraph cluster is not properly up and running, or invalid gRPC address is used, the same issue was encountered.

prashant-shahi commented :

Turns out this issue also happens when an invalid schema is passed.

It will be resolved with the release of v2.0.2.