Unhandled Rejection (Error): must be defined new ApolloError

export const DELETE_PRODUCT = gql`
    mutation deleteProduct($filter: ProductFilter!) {
        deleteProduct(filter: $filter) {
            product {
type Product  {
	id: ID! 
	name: String! @search(by:[hash]) 
	quantity: Int! 
	availability: Boolean! 
	price: Float! 
	image_src: String! 
	category: [Category] 
	brand: Brand 
	specification: [About] 
	description_shot: String 
	description_long: String 

Hi, can you give more context?

import React from ‘react’;
import {Button, Card, Col, Image} from “react-bootstrap”;
import star from ‘…/assets/star.png’
import {useHistory} from ‘react-router-dom’
import {DEVICE_ROUTE} from “…/utils/consts”;
import {useMutation, useReactiveVar} from “@apollo/client”;
import {cartBrandsVar} from “…/store/cache”;
import {DELETE_PRODUCT} from “…/gql/query”;

const DeviceItem = ({device}) => {
const [deleteProduct, { data }] = useMutation(DELETE_PRODUCT);
const history = useHistory();

function handleClick() {
    // e.preventDefault();
    console.log({ filter: { id: device.id } })
    deleteProduct({ filter: { id: device.id } });

return (
    <Col md={3} className='mt-3'>
        <Card style={{width: 150, cursor: 'pointer'}} border={'light'}
              onClick={() => history.push(DEVICE_ROUTE + '/' + device.id)}>
            <Image width={150} height={150} src={device.image_src}/>
            <div className='text-black-50 d-flex justify-content-between align-items-center mt-1'>
                <div>{device.brand? device.brand.name: ''}</div>
                <div className='d-flex align-items-center'>
                    <Image width={18} height={18} src={star}/>
        <Button variant='outline-danger' onClick={handleClick} >Удалить устройство</Button>


export default DeviceItem;

This is not a problem with Dgraph, but with your use of the useMutation return function.

deleteProduct({ filter: { id: device.id } })

Should be

deleteProduct({ variables: { filter: { id: device.id } } })
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