Unrelated fields changed when adding new predicate in Ratel

Hello. Given a fresh Dgraph instance running on Docker, if I go to Ratel → Schema, click the existing dgraph.graphql.schema predicate (for example), then click “Add Predicate” and finally click the “list” word (not the square next to it), the list field of dgraph.graphql.schema gets selected, which is not intended and confusing.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you are trying to do. I have tried to follow what you mention line by line. But I can’t reproduce it. And by reading, it doesn’t makes sense. You can’t edit dgraph.graphql.schema cuz it is a system predicate. No user is allowed to edit it. Also, the button “Add Predicate” won’t update an existent predicate.

Please, share print screens from the steps to make it clear.


I followed the following steps (I cannot upload the images because I’m a new user):

As you can see in https://freeimage.host/i/dOrCCu, the “list” property of dgraph.graphql.schema (it happens with any predicate) is selected in the background and when I close the add predicate modal.
Btw, I’m running Ratel on Firefox.

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I can verify that this happens. It definitely is annoying/confusing. We should file a Ratel bug. Also using Firefox

screenrecord2.mkv (219.4 KB)

Curious, need to check with @paulftw that. I have accepted it.