Update objects based on nested objects’ fields

What’s the most straight forward/recommended way of doing this w/ DGraph GraphQL:


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Upserts in graphql are coming soon.

Not looking to upsert but rather:

type Account  {
  id: String! @id
  idFromSource: String!

type Detector  {
	id: String! @id
	account: Account!
    disabled: Boolean
    disabledBy: DisabledBy

I want to update all detectors where Detector.account.idFromSource == "some-id"

Yeah in Dgraph terminology, that’s an upsert. Unfortunate naming.

Ok, so just to be super clear - I want to update the detector, i.e. set Detector.disabled to true conditionally, and the condition is based on a field of the Account object referenced by the Detector, ie. Detector.account.idFromSource == "some-id"

Thx for following up

You could do this with an upsert in DQL in the meantime on a lambda: