Upper Transaction Mutation Limit - Concurrent Mutation Processing?

The writes to our system are transactional mutations. We see that the pending_propsoals exceeded going from 128, 256, 512, even 1024. This would indicate that DGraph can’t keep up with the amount of transactional mutations we’re sending it. When polling the Prometheus endpoint, we regularly see 1200+ mutations with 300-600 queries at the same time. This cluster is deployed on performant hardware (80 cores/256gb ram per container with SSDs. There seems to be an upper transaction mutation limit here.

I understand DGrpah does transactional mutations in serial, which seems to be the limiting factor here. First, how do I confirm this?

Second, I see that pull request introduced concurrent transactions with mutations:

However, it was part of the 21.12 release and I don’t believe part of the new baseline in 23.1.0

Is there a current plan to support transactional mutations?


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