Using bulk to import 300G data leads to oom

my computer configuration: 8 core 47G. The command used is --j=4 --map_shards=1 --reduce_shards=1.What command should I use to execute?

I use live to import 100g data, but the query speed is very slow, it takes about 30 seconds, is it because of the stand-alone version?

Hi @shuai what version of Dgraph are you using? Please try the latest release v20.11, considerable improvements have been made to memory management.

Is there a tutorial for data migration

AFAIK, there is no tutorial for data migration.

Where is the latest version of the binary download link

Has it been compiled

The latest release is available at Release Dgraph v20.11.0 - Tenacious T’Challa · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub