Vim-go talk by Fatih

Based on the vim-go video by Fatih:

GoCoverageToggle: Amazing tool to check coverage per line of code. Already found it very useful in posting/list.go.

au FileType go nmap <Leader>c <Plug>(go-coverage-toggle)


If you are in a Go function, you can select the entire body using if and af. For e.g., vif would visually select inside function, and vaf would visually select the whole function including comment.

Automatic closing brackets

Another pretty useful thing is to avoid having to type closing brackets.

" Automatically close brackets.
Plugin 'jiangmiao/auto-pairs'

Convert single line struct defs to multiline

Also see:


err has a lot of variants
fn -> fmt.Println("")
ff -> fmt.Printf(“string(val) = %+v\n”, string(val))

JSON in structs

Say you start with this:

type foo struct {
	Message    string
	Type       string
	ServerName string

Visually select the whole thing and call :GoAddTags, and you get this.

type foo struct {
	Message    string `json:"message"`
	Type       string `json:"type"`
	ServerName string `json:"server_name"`

Error checking

Use :GoErrCheck, or :GoMetaLinter. One can also set it up so tools like vet or lint are run automatically on save.


:GoAlternate toggles between test file and main go code.
Also check out the autocmd :AV.


Press K on a function name which shows you the :GoDoc.
let g:go_auto_type_info = 1 to always get the func signature.


Guru has a whole bunch of functions to make code browsing a lot easier. That’s a separate topic in itself.

Implement interfaces easily

This one is really interesting. You start off with

type bar struct{}

And then call :GoImpl sort.Interface with your cursort pointed on bar and this is what you get.

type bar struct{}

func (b *bar) Len() int {
	panic("not implemented")

func (b *bar) Less(i int, j int) bool {
	panic("not implemented")

func (b *bar) Swap(i int, j int) {
	panic("not implemented")

:GoImpl automatically generates the methods of the interface for you. Not only that, it also helps you with autocompletion of the interface names.

:GoPlay automatically creates a link for your code on, and copies the url to clipboard.

That’s all for now! Highly recommend watching the full video by Fatih. Also recommend reading his tutorial: