Welcome Jiawei!

Hey guys,

Join me in welcoming Jiawei Chiu to the Dgraph team. He’s an ex-Googler, PhD from MIT and CS from UC Berkeley. He’s going to be working as a backend engineer and splitting his time between Singapore and the SF Bay Area.

I’m truly excited that he decided to join our team. This is a big win for Dgraph and what we’re trying to achieve here, i.e. build the best graph database in the world.

Welcome @pitarchiu!


Welcome @pitarchiu

I am really looking forward to work with you and learn from you.

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Same here Pawan! Hope we get to kick some ass together!


Manish, thanks for the introduction!

I have a lot to learn and hope we can build a great product together =)



Hey @jchiu!

Welcome to the Dgraph team! Really excited to start working with you :slight_smile:

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Hi Ashwin!

Look forward to learning from you all and working together! :grin:


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