What is Dgraph lacking?

The fact that you wrote these two messages is the most important thing I have read on Dgraph in months! I believe this message can be the catalyst to a good relationship with your users!

We can also give you great feed back along with critique. This product is absolutely amazing, and the users on your forms can remind you of that. But you have to communicate with your users to do so!

@MichelDiz mentioned that you guys have been busy with the Cloud. You guys need to remember your cloud users use your forum too!

I know we could spend hours talking about feature requests, but I think someone said it in the Discord server perfectly. I believe you guys don’t know what you have.

You guys have the perfect Firebase / Firestore competitor. I know you think of yourself as more of a backend service, but the GraphQL service is unique in every sense.

Market to them! If they knew the relational power and simplicity, you would double your user base over night. There is actually a large Firebase userbase even for dedicated server payers. Firestore has not updated their database in over a year (been working on Firebase Product — sound Familiar?), and they lost and are losing many users because of it. I know, I am very active still in the userbase and one of them. You can see hundreds (thousands across all videos) of people just on youtube down-voting videos where they talk about new Firebase features, but not Firestore.

The fact that it is GraphQL (using triples under the hood) is the cherry on top that is awesome, but not the product. Full functional Cloud Hosting is freaking amazing. Here are your only real competitors (I have done my research):

  • Firebase / Firestore
  • Supabase
  • Fauna
  • Hasura

There are absolutely dozens more, but these particular (in no apparent order) don’t require you to spin up a server or docker in order to get Subscriptions, Security, and Full Front-end database access form your framework. All other options I have looked at are missing one or more of those 3 things. IMHO Auth and Storage are just a plus.

Dgraph does all of this, in GraphQL, and can handle dijkstra algorithm’s like postgressql can’t imagine being horizontally scaling outside of the box! You want some damn marketing, we are here to help!

I realize dedicated payers, pay the bills. But a crap load of newbies paying for 10 small projects a piece is equal to one dedicated user… and one of their projects taking off can grow DGraph!

Here is what we need:

  • Communicate with your users and get us involved! One post from you (the freaking founder!) a week giving simple product updates and plans can go a very long way. Is 21.12 on track? If you have to push it back, let us know that week. We understand! But let us know, not guessing what is happening. I will promise to keep this place positive if you just keep in touch!
  • When we tag your current team members, make them respond to the post… even if they only login once a month. There are seriously only 2 posts a day that are not responded to. That is not asking for a lot of their time.
  • GraphQL features to most of your form users is just plain being put to the bottom of the list. This is your product, as I mentioned above. This is your progress. You also never responded to my request for pre-hooks, which would probably be the easiest thing to fix and solve most security problems. I think in order to use your current resources wisely, you need to think about what is going to get you NEW users, not just keep your current ones. GraphQL will IMHO. It is so close to being better than Hasura, but not quite there.

I think everyone on here should agree that fixing bugs should come first before any feature request. I have no idea the backlog of bugs that have NOT been fixed. If @iluminae is using DGraph Cloud, you guys should work with him to pin down the problem before any new feature request is worked on. But don’t hold off on committing the fixes until a new version.

Whether or not some people are interested in GraphQL is besides the point. Where are you going to get NEW money from… GraphQL users, or Graph DB users. If you have a lot of paying customers that do not use GraphQL, then maybe you need to market in the OTHER direction. But the market will be slimmer IMHO. There are many other Graph databases (Redis Graph Enterprise is cloud hosted i.e.), there is only one DGraph Cloud.

Everyone will agree to this statement.


  • What is DGraph’s identity? I told you what I think it should be…
  • Communicate once a week with simple updates
  • Bugs, then Security then GraphQL then Cloud Features (unless you chose a different identity, but chose one)

This is freaking a great opening, and we appreciate it!


EDIT: - I don’t see a problem with DGraph having more than one identity, but I think you can get more users and possibly more VC money if you realize the Frontend product you have.

EDIT2: - It is not the GraphQL that developers care about, but the fact they can easily access the data securely and directly from the framework (react, svelte, angular, vue, flutter, whatever) to get their app going. GraphQL just happens to be what DGraph uses. Unlike noSQL, it can do complex relations, easily.