What is `fatal error: concurrent map writes`?

I have got this error several times during query execution on machine with 64GB of RAM (v1.0.11).


dgraph alpha --export=/dgraph/export --my=1.alpha.weave.local:7080 --lru_mb 21461 --zero 1.zero.weave.local:5080 -p /dgraph/p --idx=1 -w /dgraph/w  --whitelist --bindall=true --custom_tokenizers=/dgraph/plugins/nfd.so --badger.tables=ram 

Hey Selmeci, in this case you can fill up an issue in Dgraph. Here we treat N discussions, but if you have a panic or some reproducible bug you can fill up an issue directly. The team will look at your issue there more quickly.

If you do not have something reproducible there it would not be advisable to open an issue. It would be interesting to discuss in fact. But I suggest that your issue contain as many information as possible.

Hey @selmeci,

Yes, can you please file an issue. It looks like a recently introduced bug.