What is the limit of upsert?

I get this error by updating 500000 nodes at once with upsert.

Raft.Ready took too long to process: Timer Total: 232ms. Breakdown: [{proposals 194ms} {disk 38ms} {advance 0s}] Num entries: 1. MustSync: true

my gql:

upsert {
  query { 
    var(func: eq(id,12)){
        v as uid
  mutation {
    set {
      uid(v) <dgraph.type> "12fans" .

dgraph version: v20.07

Two hours later, it worked!

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@chewxy Two hours is way too long. If we can get the dataset or a way to reproduce this, we can look at it.

I use the data here, This data is in CSV format.
I’m sharing the converted RDF file now, and my schema