Where is the mapping of xids to uids which is created by bulk

Recently, I upload massive data to DB via bulk, and I need upload other data later. But I can’t find the map of xids to uids to avoid creating nodes with the same xid.
I know that dgraph live can create ‘x’ to store this map, but how can I get the map when I upload via bulk?

So bulk loader stores the mapping in tmp/xids directory. It cleans the tmp directory upon a successful run. You can pass in --cleanup_tmp=false to avoid that cleanup.

There is a small bug whereby the mapping is not evicted to disk at the end. I have fixed it as part of https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/pull/2195/files#diff-72fd574010b96f9b08070f2eafe029caR270. So a part of the mapping might be missing right now.

Btw, you should not use Dgraph bulk on a live cluster. You could though use the x directory created by dgraph bulk with dgraph live.

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