Where is the schema stored

I moved the binary file to another server, why the schema still exists. I have deleted p, w, zw files

The schema is stored in Alpha’s data directories (p and w). If you’ve removed the data directories, then the schema would not exist.

Dgraph does maintain its own internal predicates that you may see after a new cluster has been initialized (e.g., there are predicates prefixed with dgraph. like dgraph.graphql.schema that stores Dgraph’s GraphQL schema when using GraphQL).

Not an internal predicate.Is the predicate I created.so I have this question.

Make sure you have really cleanup every single path used in your Alphas and Zeros. If you have multiple nodes, you should check them. There’s no way remaining predicates if you do a remove operation rm -rf *. Something else is happening. Do a proper clean and let us know.

If it still happens, please give us a way to reproduce it.