Why the mutation is so slow with too many conflicts even i add noconflict


A user can have some device, two different users can have the same device. The schema is as followings:

type DeviceId {

type User{

gid_device: string @index(hash) @noconflict .
gid_user: int @index(int) @noconflict .
name: string @index(hash) @noconflict .
has: [uid] @count @reverse .


When i apply mutations concurrently, the speed is too slow with too many conflicts. According to my understanding, there should not be any conflict with @noconflict.

Anybody could help me? God, I’m breaking down with hours’ work on this problem!!!

Can you share the mutations that you are runnning?
The conflicts might be arising due to has predicate since it has count directive, which is known to cause conflict. You could add @noconflict to has predicate and re-run your mutations.

that helps me, thank you

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