Will there be support for Apollo Federation?

Hi, I’m currently evaluating graphql technologies for a project that will be structured in graphlq microservices that use a apollo federation gateway to supply a unique point of access. For one or two microservices the Dgrapqh GraphQL service would be a perfect fit, except that i can’t find anything about apollo federation support.
Are there plans to add this functionality in the future?

Yes, we’ll be adding it as it has been asked by a few users. Marking the issue as accepted.

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Thank you for your answer! Is it possible to tell how long it might need till this will be available?

I can’t give you an ETA for this yet. I’d like to get it in for the 20.11 release that we do in Nov but not very sure about that yet.

Ok, a rough estimate like this is enough for me. Thanks for your quick replies Pawan.

Just wanted to say that this is very important to me. Thank you.

+1 on requesting this :slight_smile: