Wisemonk search functionality

[ 2] mrjn          : wisemonk meditate for 10m
[ 3] mrjn          : I get it.
[ 4] pawan         : no, for now I am not including all the categories
[ 5] mrjn          : yup.
[ 6] pawan         : its only public categories
[ 7] mrjn          : So, for minions it should be all categories.
[ 8] mrjn          : for general, it should be public ones.
[ 9] mrjn          : Looks like you got work to do :slightly_smiling_face:
[10] pawan         : hmm, I think we might be moving towards too type of channels.
[11] pawan         : yeah let me see the best way to achieve this.
[12] mrjn          : we could just pass down a list of categories to each channel.
[13] mrjn          : That way we can avoid searching over unnecessary categories.
[14] mrjn          : like say reading
[15] mrjn          : or slack

So, the idea is to pass down a list of categories for each channel. That way, we get a lot of flexibility at the slight cost of listing down all categories – but that’s a one time operation.

I think now might be a time to add a config file. What do you think @mrjn?

This would help us pass the maxmsg and interval as well as list of categories on a per channel basis.

We can have default values for these things(e.g. public categories for categories), through config you can just overwrite them.


Agreed! Think it’s the right time because the argument values would be really long to type in everytime you want to run this thing.

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Thinking of something like this for the config file.

// slack token
token: token
discoursekey: key
discourseprefix: https://discuss.dgraph.io
  id: G1D59039B
  // in minutes
  interval: 10
  maxmsg: 20
  // catgories to perform search on.
  categories: Dev,Users,Reading
  // category in which the topic would be created on Discourse.
  discoursecat: Dev

More inclined towards using json for the config or should we have our own custom parser for this. Thoughts @mrjn ?

Json is ideally suited for things like these.

Instead of calling it categories, call it search_over. And next one, create_topic_in.

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