Working with dgraph in nodejs


I want to use dgragh with nodejs. I found an example in the client repository. It defined schema as following:

const schema = `
        name: string @index(exact) .
        age: int .
        married: bool .
        loc: geo .
        dob: datetime .
        friend: [uid] @reverse .

I want to define schema like this:

    type person{


but when I did that and query for dgraph.type it doesn’t return anythin for dgraph type.

In tutorials like dgraph tour, It was clear and works but in nodejs client I have problem

another question,
for example, this is the schema

type Folder {
type File {

N_FOLDER: [uid] .
name: string .
size: int .

how should I set N_FOLDER in nodejs? should I add a folder and then set uid or I can use blank uid for that?

how should I set data like this:

  set {
    _:folder <name> "some folder" .
    _:folder <dgraph.type> "Folderd" .
    _:folder <size> "3900" .
    _:folder <N_FOLDER> _:folder1 .
    _:folder1 <name> "folder1" .
    _:folder <dgraph.type> "Folderd" .

Looks like you have a typo here. Instead of using the same blank node, you are repeating the same as the first node.

That might be related to the typo.