Writing tests for Dgraph

Unit tests

If your test does not require a cluster (e.g you adding a new test to the parser), then the process is the same as any normal golang test.

System tests

Note: all paths mentioned below are relative to the root of the Dgraph repo.

Most tests, however, require a cluster. We use docker and docker-compose to create test clusters.

Tests with default options

The file dgraph/docker-compose.yml is used to start a cluster with default options. If your test doesn’t require any special setup or options, this is the file you’d use. Simply write the test and the test script will spin the default cluster and run your test. It’s important that there’s no docker-compose.yml file in the folder where the test is located. Otherwise the test script will think this test requires a custom cluster and use that compose file to create the cluster. One example of this type of tests are the tests in the query directory.

Tests with custom options.

If your test needs a different setup than the default cluster, the process consists of creating a custom docker-compose.yml file and writing the test. The compose and test files should be in the same directory. The test script will spin out the cluster and then run the tests.

You can use the tool in the compose directory to generate an initial docker-compose.yml file. An example of this type of tests are those in the systest directory.

Running tests

With the test script

The test script takes care of building and installing Dgraph, removing any leftover containers, spinning a new cluster, and then running the tests.

If your test needs the default cluster:

./test.sh ./path/to/your/test/dir

If your test needs a custom cluster

./test.sh -C ./paht/to/your/test/dir

Manual run

Sometimes, you’d want to run a test manually. Note that in this process you are responsible for building and installing Dgraph (i.e running make install) and dealing with leftover containers.

In one terminal run.

cd path/to/your/compose/file
docker-compose up

If you are using the default cluster, then this path is ./dgraph.

In another terminal, run your test using go test

go test ./path/to/your/test/dir

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