Yhmm...? Can't understand

Hi there,

Today I was interested in graph databases. I started browsing the internet, I came across neo4j, it was the first database of this type, as it turned out to be the most commonly mentioned and well rated. But I kept looking and that’s how I found Dgraph - apparently better than the best option found.

I’m not sure what is going on. Maybe I doing everything wrong, but…
I can see that Dgraph is annouced as Production Ready, docs looks very well, its there a lot of materials like examples, tutorials, blog posts or even a tour guide.

The problem is, a lot of this thing just brakes.

I want to check slash-graphql-discuss.netlify.app - Error! $Failed to fetch

  • dazzling-volhard-2dd1dd.netlify.app - todo app not allowing to create todo

  • dg-messaging.netlify.app - >Ouch! That page didn’t load Here’s why : Network error: Failed to fetch

  • Surveyo - Failed to fetch / impossible to create survey

  • Deploy button for above examples only redirecting to the dashboard

  • Load Schema | Intro | Dgraph Tour - Error: Is Dgraph running locally? or reachable? TypeError: Failed to fetch (Its running and should be reachable)

  • In docs in some places are copy&paste commands to download outdated docker images, and not complete commands

Dgraph looks really good, from the client’s tab you can see that well-known companies use it.
The first impression is stunning, it looks like Dgraph is looking to replace all other widely used databases.
Unfortunately, when we try to go a little deeper, we encounter many such unexpected unpleasantries. This is very discouraging, I think a really large number of people ahead of me have dropped out of Dgraph for the above reasons.

I think I will come back here in a while, hoping to have a much more enjoyable experience, but for now I am back to learning about neo4j.

I’d like to emphasize that I really think Dgraph is a great product, but at the same time, I think the above issues shouldn’t apply to the production-ready version, even when it comes to examples and documentation.

I wish Dgraph Team successes!


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This issue is due Google’s new restriction to non-HTTPS calls. Please, use Firefox for now. Until we find a way to workaround this. We can’t do anything as all major browsers are based on Chromium and all are following this guideline from Google. Just use Firefox and it will work.

The other issues we are slowly recovering. As had a big turnaround with the previous team and we are slowly fixing everything.

Can you point out? I can fix those already.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I confirm that all our live sample applications are not working at the moment. We are working at solving this issue due to something we broke in the infrastructure supporting those demos.
You may want to get deeper in the product by following the intro videos at https://dgraph.io/docs/tutorials/ and by doing the Dgraph tour. The Tour is functional, and if you experience any issue with it, we will have a look at it.
For your specific question about Dgraph Tour for the step deploying a schema : yes, it is expecting you to run a local instance as shown in the previous step of the tutorial. I just verified the step on my instance.

We are actively working at improving the user experience and the learning path…