Able to create backups when SSHing into vm, but not on Ratel

These are the steps I am taking to back up on Ratel

  1. SSH into my vm
  2. setting my AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables
  3. run dgraph-ratel
  4. Visit vmPort:8000/?latest
  5. Backups > Create Backup > AWS S3 Bucket > destination=s3://
  6. Failed to fetch

However, if I go back to my SSH shell and run $ curl -XPOST localhost:8080/admin/backup -d "destination=s3://", it works. Why am I getting an error on Ratel?

Hey @MiLeung,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Could you please provide us with the complete error that you are getting while doing the backup. This would help us better understand the problem.

Hey @MiLeung,
By default, admin operations can only be initiated from the machine on which alpha runs. You need to whitelist the IP of the host from which you want to initiate admin operations. You can look at the following links for more details.

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You cannot access http:// site from https:// URL.

This is part of web browser security initiative implemented in modern web browsers. So everything has to be all HTTP or all HTTPS.

Further Info:

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