New to Dgraph, what is the default password


still error!


I suspect you have not enabled ACL. Can you hover over the Error symbol, it will show the error message.

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Hey @tss, you need to make Dgraph server URL to point to HTTP endpoint of alpha (http://localhost:8080).

this is error message

As pointed out by @naman, are you pointing your Dgraph server URL to the HTTP endpoint of alpha?

I am remote access, no problem with remote ip

use 8080



When connected to the right endpoint, your ratel UI should look something like this (at least the first two blobs should be green even if you do not have the DataBase access).

Are you able to make requests via cURL?
Can you try clicking this red symbol?

other than this, you’d need to whitelist your IP for being able to login because /login is an admin operation endpoint. Check here whitelisting-admin-operations


when i choose latest,there are sth wrong

That is because you are not able to reach the internet. The “latest” version of ratel fetches some CSS and JS scripts for which internet connection is required. You can either connect to internet or use the offline version.

The dgraph server and browser are both intranets, and they can ping each other.isn’t ok

That is okay. You can run the offline version of ratel.

@tss, can you paste what do you have at localhost:8080/health?

Also, this should be at Users/ratel (the tag help, but it is different) - I have change it.