About the new types system

(Labs) #1

Hi there. Long time no see =]

I’m coming back to another DGraph round and I’m taking the opportunity to review some of my later design choices.

I see that there is a 1.1 version coming out and with it a native type system. As I’m right now considering my later approach to types I was hopping that you could point me to any docs that shows what is coming, explaining how this system will look like and how it will work.

And, if not asking too much, what is the ETA for it =]


(Michel Conrado) #2

Hey Labs. Welcome back!

You can check docs in master about the new type sys https://docs.dgraph.io/master/query-language/#type-system

Approximately End of July.

(Labs) #3

Should had read the docs before the forum posts =]