Dgraph arch diagrams

Hi, I am preparing an internal presentation on Dgraph.
Was wondering if there are any good component type diagrams that illustrate how Dgraph operates, i.e. something that shows an alpha and zero node, badger, raft, ratel, etc.


@dereksfoster99, got any?

Hi Damien - would this fit the bill?? dgraph/dgraph.pdf at master · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub. If not please let me know and we can definitely put together something better!

Thanks Derek. Prob would not use that one tbh.
Something that has badger and raft i think would help.
i know that could be mixing abstractions, but feel some “type” of diagram could show the main actors/components

There was a talk by @mrjn, where I saw some architecture diagrams. Refer: GCI17

However it’s dated, and I don’t know how much it holds up today.

Maybe a fresh Architecture Diagram would serve you better.

Thanks @abhijit-kar - thats not bad and has good degree of info. I think a fresh one (or more) diagrams would be fantastic to see. E.g. a static type diagram which shows the components and a “sequence” type diagram (like the one u linked) that could illustrate the mechanics of a mutation or query would be great…

Hey team, my ppt is this Wed, so just wanted to ask if any chance of seeing some of these diagrams in next few days? Thanks!

I gotchu fam’. I would like some final checks @dmai @ibrahim

Also I’d like to point out there are two badger instances for each alpha (one for the PostingLists, and another for the WriteAhead logs. I only drew one per Alpha because there isn’t enough space)

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The zero node also has a badger instance.

@chewxy diagram looks fine. The following one is from the dgraph paper Graph Database White Paper | Dgraph (it has some nice explanations)