Add arm64 support to travis-ci > issue: contrib/scripts/ : No such file or directory

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Posted by odidev:

Hi Team,

I am working on adding arm64 support to travis-ci.
Before adding arch: arm64, I have found that the travis-ci is failing for AMD64 itself. In the ‘install’ clause, file is being called (install: contrib/scripts/, but that file is not present at the location, or anywhere else in the project. Hence build fails.
I proceeded with my work after eliminating the ‘install’ clause in .travis.yml, and adding arm64 architecture into travis as well. Travis-ci is running successfully for both the architectures. Please find my travis-ci jobs here :

Can you please suggest what changes are required in place of the file ?

odidev commented :

Hi Team,

Can someone please help me out with this file issue in the ‘install’ clause during travis build?