Adding Dgraph to DB Engines Website

Adding all relevant fields and answers that I know about. Please update other fields.

  • Developer - Dgraph Labs

  • Current Release - v0.4.4

  • Server Operating Systems - Linux, OS X

  • Data Scheme - schema-free

  • Typing(predefined data types such as float, int) - Yes

  • XML support - No

  • Secondary indexes - None

  • SQL(support SQL standards) - No

  • APIs and other access methods - RESTful HTTP API, GraphQL query language

  • Supported Programming Languages - Go, Python, Java

  • Server side scripts - Yes(loader, assigner)

  • Triggers - No

  • Partitioning methods - Data is partitioned according to the predicates. This helps in minimizing network calls in a query.

  • Replication methods - RAFT Consensus algorithm

  • MapReduce - None

  • Consistency Concepts - @mrjn?

  • Foreign keys - No

  • Transaction concepts - None (

  • Consistency - Yes

  • Durability - Yes

  • User Concepts(Access Control) - No

@mrjn Would be great if you could have a quick look and let me know if anything needs to be updated here. Then we can get this done too.

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Schema-free storage, but schema layer for write validation and easier querying.

We do have the term matching indices, and geo-spatial indices (both WIP).

Well, do we really do REST? Everything to us is a POST. I wouldn’t call it that. But, we can mention HTTP api, and protocol buffers.

Well technically, because every language can do JSON and most can do PB, we should have a bigger coverage here.

RAFT lead Eventual consistency?

After v1.0.

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