After bulk loading data into Dgraph, queries return empty

I’ve loaded about 1B nquads and 1.6B edges into Dgraph. After the bulk loading was successful, I left the VM there for an hour before stopping my VM and then starting it again. After SSH-ing into the VM, I had to had to kill the dangling Alpha process that wasn’t supposed to be there because docker ps -a showed that dgraph_alpha_1 was stopped.

Now, after querying the database, I get an empty dataset. Might I have done something wrongly?
There’s about 190GB space used up in my volume /dev/vda1, so that means the data is still there.

Hey @geoyws, what kind of queries are you running? Just make sure that data is there of the predicates asked in query. Do you see any error while querying? Also have a look at the alpha logs, if you can find anything suspicious.

@ashishgoswami Could I pass you the link to our Ratel and you could take a quick look?
Maybe it’s because Alpha didn’t link up to the bulk loaded dataset?

When I insert new data via Ratel, they show up; meaning the predicates queried are fine. :frowning:

Yes, its possible. Did you pass correct location of p directory(output from bulkloader) to alpha while starting it?
You can message your ratel link to me.

No wonder… I didn’t do that… Alright will do that next time.