All tutorial links to previous pages are broken

I’ve being doing your dgraph tour past 2 days. Great work :+1: Several times during the tutorial, there were links to previous pages, but they all return 404.

Last example I saw is at a bigger dataset page, at the bottom of the page, there is reference to a previous page like this:

(or issue a schema query)

The link points to, but this page doesn’t exist. I think you have added /tour/ in your endpoint, but forget to added it to links in tutorial, because this page does exist:

I don’t remember the other places with 404 links, but if you search for links to previous tutorial pages, I’m sure you will see that they all miss /tour/ part. Returning 404 in the tutorial is bad for business, so I think you should look into it quickly :wink:


Thanks for reporting this issue, I am looking into it.

Hi @omerenesbayram

Can you try now ? Let me know if you still see links which leads to 404 :slight_smile:

Everything seems perfect :+1: thank you for the quick response :slight_smile: