Backend failing to retrieve any data

BAckend currently failing to retrieve any data, all queries return the following error:

Dgraph query failed because Dgraph execution failed because : Group checksum mismatch for id: 1

Unable to submit support tickets from Dgraph Cloud dashboard. Unable to launch new instances.

This backend is used in a production app and is causing downtime for our clients. Terms state I should receive support within 1 hour, please advise!


Hi, Sorry that you are facing issue with your backend. At this moment The backend seems healthy. Are you still facing the issue that you reported.

Also what exact issue you saw while trying to submit the support ticket?

Bobby, I’m also setting up a trouble ticket manually on your behalf. Apologies for the issue creating it on the web portal.

Please enter the timestamp of the error if you have it on that ticket.


@Meghalim_Sarma The backend started serving requests again, everything seems to be fine now! Thank you for the reply. The error said “Failed to submit support ticket”.

@Damon The outage started around 10AM EST and was resolved around 11AM EST.