Backup Restore tool to S3 bucket

Hi everyone! If you’ve been thinking about using Dgraph in production the though of Backup/Restore must have crossed your mind. Unfortunately, the community edition Dgraph makes this really inconvenient. I would love to get enterprise (and hopefully do at some point, as I love the product), however currently it’s outside the price range for our company.

As a solution, I built dgbr - a CLI tool allowing to make Dgraph data/schema backups to AWS S3 bucket using single command. It also allows to restore a database using existing backup from S3 bucket. Backups can be made periodical with systemd or cron (more info in Readme).

dgbr is written in Go and I’ve been successfully using it for few weeks. I am planning to maintain and improve it along the way and if you have any ideas or suggestions - please let me know, I would love to improve it and give back to the community!


This is quite wonderful! I quickly grepped thru the code. Clean code, reasonably well commented (the go vet in my head is quiet).

Fantastic job.


Thanks for feedback @chewxy!

Nice one Augustinas :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mentioum !

@AugustDev Wonderful work. Can we use MiniO to backup and restore with this tool?

Hi @pshaddel thanks for feedback! Unfortunately it doesn’t support Minio yet, but I think it shouldn’t be too hard to support it. If there’s interest I could implement it.

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@AugustDev I could be the first MiniO user :slight_smile: