Backup restore documentation

where can i find documentation for running backup/restore without non enterprise package?

Backup/restore is an enterprise only. Wha you have similar is the export operation, see this link =>

If backup/restore isn’t free… it might hinder adoption on our side.
Is the export operation viable for production use-cases?

Yes, it is used for several users since the beginning of Dgraph.

I think that it is very similar in concept. But binary backup indeed is better. They have fundamental differences, but they do the same thing. With export instead of using “import backup” you will bulkload. But in the end, both approaches serve the same purpose.


To further add, backup/restore is in a binary format internal to Dgraph and so it cannot be used outside of Dgraph.

Export/import is in JSON/RDF format which is a widely accepted standard format

That native binary format would definitely be better. :frowning: I hope this won’t slow or break adoption because Dgraph really looks promising. Once our project does well, I suppose we won’t mind going the enterprise route.


I will second that.
What is the worth of a DB if its most precious asset, the data, can not be protected by the best tools?

I would argue that this limitation might be a stop sign to many adopters that would purchase the enterprise license later on.

If I may suggest, limit the binary backup on the community version to 3 instances. Or any other limitation that will allow adopters to experience the best tools and grow safely toward the enterprise license.

We will take that under advisement. @MichelDiz

However, note that we do offer 30-day trial Enterprise license to experience the enterprise features. Second, the Community version still has the export feature to take your data with you in the standardised RDF/JSON format.