Best way to go about creating my own API to interact with a dgraph db?

Am newbie to Dgraph.
Was wondering what a good process would be to create an API, supporting interactions such as publishing and retrieving data to my own Dgraph db.

Not sure what exactly to recommend cuz that is a too wide question, as there are thousands of ways to do this and in each language’s eco-systems can have their own way. But in general, the easiest way to create an API is using NodeJS. You gonna create a simple REST API with the basics principles of REST and make it talk to Dgraph.

The relation model of the architecture is like:

Server-Side ( Dgraph → API ) → Client-Side ( web, app, something else ).

Your API will run your business logic and translate it to Dgraph mutations and queries based on your model. Dgraph has clients with the most popular languages. So your API is well covered.

If you are really new to the world of programming. I would recommend that you learn the basics of GraphQL and use Dgraph’s GraphQL community feature. You will have a secure and native API right out of the box. You won’t have to worry about learning REST or anything else. And you can also make the whole process even easier by delegating the administration of the servers to the Dgraph service called Slash. You just have to “design” your schema and done.

Using our GraphQL feature you won’t need to learn GraphQL deeply. Or learn a server framework or learn the raw GraphQL(to build a graphql server). You just gonna need to use some client like Apollo Client and just launch right away.



I’ve went through the GraphQL tutorials and some of the interactive tour.
What did you mean by Dgraph’s GraphQL community feature?
And uh any ideas for an API in Go?
Thanks for the response!