Best way to create Microservices that are offered to other devs as APIs

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I want to use Dgraph to store my data in the graph structure that it provides. I would like to define the structure of this graph, the schema, using the graphql syntax. Now instead of building a UI client such as React or other to directly access the generated end points and data I would like to provide API access to other developers who can then use the information as they see fit for their apps. The APIs I would like to provide to my developers could be graphql or REST, I am not too concerned as either one would work for me. Another way to think about what I am trying to do, I am building microservices that I would like to make available to other devs. Those microservices store their data in Dgraph. I am building my microservices using nodejs/typescript. Most of the new examples that I saw assume that someone is trying to do rapid app with a front-end like React, but I haven’t see anything that addresses how you would use Dgraph as the backend to microservices. Please advise on the best way to approach this. Thanks.

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Modeling data in Dgraph is straightforward and similar to other databases. If you want to use GraphQL, Dgraph follows all the GraphQL specification standards. Therefore, any microservice application (desing)pattern you’re familiar with when using GraphQL can be applied to Dgraph.

Although many Dgraph examples focus on UI, there’s nothing stopping you from using it for backend purposes. In fact, Dgraph’s GraphQL layer serves as a complete backend solution, automatically creating a sort of CRUD functionality out-of-the-box. The way Dgraph nodes/instances communicate as distributed system, is similar to some microservices models.

While we don’t have public examples of microservices with Dgraph, our community has developers who have successfully built microservices using Dgraph. They often share their experiences and insights.