Binary “fields” – index, lookup, etc

(Denis) #1


We have ID field in our data which is a concatenation of two uuids – it is cheaper to store than a respective concatenation of two uuid strings: 32 vs 74 bytes.

Am I understand it right there is no index type for such kind of data? And is there any way to request for exact binary ID of such kind?

(Daniel Mai) #2

All scalar types can have indices. Dgraph supports exact and hash indices for strings. There’s also int indices for integer values.

(Denis) #3

So, no way to lookup and index. This is a shame I must say: as I said we only need to store 32 bytes in binary format vs 74 bytes in case of uuid strings.

(Martin Martinez Rivera) #4

There’s a binary type in Dgraph (there’s missing documentation for this but there’s a PR to add it). There’s also custom tokenizers. So I think you could store your data in a binary format and write a custom tokenizer to output the two separate IDs.

Link to PR:
Custom tokenizers: