Id data type definition

Looking at:

I noticed of the following type:
id -> identifiers stored as strings

I couldn’t find any definition of this type or how it differ from the string type.
Any idea?


humm, that feels like something that has been forgotten to remove.
I will investigate thanks!

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Hey @mbn18 now looking close, feels it needs a better explaining there. This part is about the XIDs identifier being recorded as strings. See the master docs bellow.

Now, I don’t know how to explain this on the Tour without sounding wordy.

UPDATE*: Actually. Still wrong. I gonna find a better way to fix this. It is about XIDs, but the way it is, is wrong.

Hey @MichelDiz, maybe decrease the name definition of id to only one.
I counted 2 at -> id and uid
And we do know that there is also the xid

So are they all the same? If so, lets keep only one

uid is different from xid. Anyway, I gonna fix it this week. Would you mind to create and issue in the tour repo and mention me? thanks!

Here it is:

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