Broken link from Ratel to docs on indexing

When I go to latest Ratel (http://localhost:8000/?latest#) → Schema → select a string predicate → check index, Ratel provides me a link to the docs about indexing:

That link points to, whereas it should read That section could benefit from an exhaustive list (table) of types and their available indices, which then could link to the respective sub-sections that have details on each data type.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve pushed a fix for the link in Ratel.

@MichelDiz what do you think about “a table of available types and indices” ? should we ask the docs team to publish one?

Like this table
I think as much information we doc the better.

Maybe the Scalar Types (Maybe not, due space on the columns) could have a new column with the indexes. And link them to each part of it on docs.

Exactly like that table! :+1:

I can confirm the link works.

I’ll accept it, put on the back log. So the docs guys can decide what to do.

ping @damian

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