Can a server host multi dgraph zero?

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What I want to do

I’d like to run multi dgraph in one computer, so I will have different dgraph zero and alpha and they do not balance my data automatically.

What I did

I have tried to run different zero and alpha, they have different port. For zero, the ports are 5080 and 5180. For alpha, the ports are 7080 and 7180, and I added “–zero = ip:5080/5180” respectively. However, my data in the first alpha is balanced by the first zero to the second alpha.

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version


The balancing is based on disk usage. You can use /moveTablet?tablet=name&group=2 (See more at to move your data manually. But it still will do some moves based on disk.

Can I set “no balanced” to my second alpha when I start it so that the data in the first alpha will not be moved? Or set the dgraph zero or the first alpha does not balance to other places?

I tried to move the table from group 2 into group 1 in dgraph ratel, and it did not work. I am not sure does it use the same dgraph zero endpoints, so I would set it in advance.

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Nope, you can try to set a huge value in the time to balance. There is a flag for this.

How? there is no such thing in Ratel as far I remember.

Not sure what you mean. The move tablet feature works in zero endpoints only.