Can DGraph handle inserting 3 million nodes per day? What would I need to worry about?

(Gage) #1

A current use case came up where using DGraph would be nice. More or less I was wondering what would be the things I would have to be concerned with if we pushed like 3 million + events into it per day.

Mainly I’m worried about how hard it would be on our ops guys.

(Michel Conrado) #2

3K/min is very acceptable I don’t see what worry about. You can go much further. Even more with a cluster of generous specs.

For you to have a very performative setup, you need to have good IOPS, reasonable memory level and also do load distribution for all Alpha nodes helps keep the cluster on the line. I think this is the basic “recipe” for a good balance.

But a simple SSD, 16GB RAM and few cores per node are good to go.

(Gage) #3

I don’t understand this very well, sorry very much a noob. What’s an “Alpha node”?

(Michel Conrado) #4

No problem. Alpha node is a Dgraph instance. Check this diagram.

(Gage) #5

Another thing, what’s the biggest graph that people have run? Do you have any numbers?

(Michel Conrado) #6

Well, due performance we limit most queries to 1k nodes per block. And you can exceed this limit by using “first: 100000000” for example.

There are no limits that you can perform. This will depend on whether your browser will hold up (in the case of Ratel) or whether your program/app will hold up.