Cannot get ratel to connect to dgraph container

Hi All,

I am struggling to get ratel to connect to a container on a docker network running dgraph alpha.

Ratel connects to the same container over IP. works fine. However, when i try to connect via the docker container name (e.g. http://container_name:8080) it will not connect.

I can see the container on the docker network. There is no issue I can see in the logs.

Any ideas appreciated. Ratel, Dgraph Alpha and Dgraph Zero are all the latest images.


Although Ratel runs in the Docker context, it is being executed in the Browser. So, it basically has the host context. It doesn’t have the notion of the docker network, you know? If you need to use http://container_name you must have a DNS server or use the host files to route the connection. And also you should run a reverse proxy to make it easy.

Understood. Thanks.