Cannot Paste with Ctrl+V on Cloud UI

I am using Chrome on 2 different Windows 10 devices and neither allow me to paste using the keyboard shortcut into the schema or the GraphQL explorer for queries/mutations/variables.

I have been putting up with this for quite some time and cannot seem to understand the reason why.

Is anyone else having this issue with the UI? It is really annoying.

Update: Does not work with Microsoft Edge either
Update: The whole UI is just a white screen on IE 10

Pasting (Ctrl-V) is working on Chrome on my end (using Linux).

Do you happen to have any extensions that could be interfering with either keyboard shortcuts or pasting in the browser?

Copy and Paste using Ctrl+V does not work in the GraphQL explorer. I don’t think it ever did. It would be nice if the JavaScript did not disable the keyboard shortcut.

You can, however, right click → Paste.


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It works in firefox but not Chrome even with all exentensions disabled. Even is incognito mode it does not work. I think it is the code formatter that is messing it up. I can paste (ctrl+v) in the headers on the explorer but not the query/variables textareas.

We looking into this issue. We will get back shortly with details and a fix.