Searching Schema in Slash

Report a Slash UI Bug

What version of Dgraph are you using?


Steps to reproduce the issue.

Try to search the schema with Ctrl + f from the browser (Chrome in my case)

Expected behaviour and actual result.

  • Expected: Find the searched type in my schema.
  • Actual: Search only works with what is in view in the schema editor.

Note: I really appreciated the code formatter enhancement, but I believe it has caused this side effect. Maybe a fix, would be a search mechanism inside of the schema editor itself? Or maybe even a map to link to the different parts of the schema.


Thanks, we’ll take a look. @arpan

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I don’t know if you guys changed anything or if I was trying to do ctrl+f from the window instead of focus being inside the schema. Anyways, it is working now. So this can get closed.