Can't expand in gui



I imported 21millon.rdf to my local dgraph and noted that test requests from docs working well like on but in gui on local doesn’t work expand on edges.

(Michel Conrado) #2

Where did you download it from?


From that place:

After expand on Play:

on Local:

(Michel Conrado) #4

Okay, did you used the /release version of the dataset?

The schema release.schema has the type schema needed in cases like yours. Expand funcs works only with the Type System defined.

(Michel Conrado) #5

This Graph isn’t the same graph the would return from the query showed in left panel. This can’t be possible. The query for that is another. You may used expand(all) or something.

I’ve run your query in my side.

With expand all:

  q(func: eq(name@en, "Blade Runner")){


After applying proper scheme release.schema it works well, thanks!