When importing data from 20.07 to 20.11, the following error is reported

error info:


curl localhost:8080/admin/export


dgraph live -f g01.rdf.gz -a localhost:9080 -z localhost:5080

Does it block you to export it?
Does it throw the error during a live load or the export?
Can you live-load with an empty schema file? or modify all of them to “default” as you are using Live load.

Can you share details about your cluster configs.

Yes!The data is exported successfully, but an error is reported when dgraph live is used.When I specify schema, I report the following error:

./dgraph live -f ../export/dgraph_data/export/dgraph.r37173781.u0115.0929/g01.rdf.gz -s ../export/dgraph_data/export/dgraph.r37173781.u0115.0929/g01.schema.gz -a localhost:9080 -z <zero_ip>:5080

So I first use pydgraph set schema, and then use the following command to import the data:

./dgraph live -f ../export/dgraph_data/export/dgraph.r37173781.u0115.0929/g01.rdf.gz -a localhost:9080 -z <zero_ip>:5080

my cluster is ok

This last error is related to having a Type with an unknown predicate. So you have to check the list of predicates in the Type and set the missing one in the schema. e.g:

type VM {

 Pred1: string @index(exact) .
 PredB: [uid] .
 missing_one: string @index(term) . #This one is the missing one that exists only in the type.

Do you still have the interface is nil error?

g01. rdf and g01. schema are exported using “curl localhost:8080/admin/export”.
I found uuid in g02. Schema. Is there a problem with the exported schema?

This is the predicates and types of g01.schema. As you can see, the VM type contains uuid, but the predicates above do not have uuid
Types in g01.schema contains all predicates (such as uuid). If you import g01.rdf and g01.schema first, you will be missing some predicates because they are on other Shards.

Weird, have you removed the uuid predicate before?

For the error, the Types itself doesn’t matter. You have to have the predicate defined.
e.g: uuid: string .

Not sure what you mean. An export should have all predicates. Shards doesn’t matter in that factor.

Does your dataset still have the UUID?

g01. Schema, g02. Schema, and g03. Schema contain different predicates. However, I found that types in G01. Schema, G02. Schema and G03. Schema are same. This will lead to errors when importing the first shards of data using dgraph live because the predicates in the g01.schema are incomplete