Commandline interface to create Trello cards

My ~/.zshrc

alias trello-create-company='trello card create -b 570a0303a19a7f47b32502e2 -l 57106d7876ee590717c9cd3c' 
alias trello-create-learning='trello card create -b 5725db686d01d4a5f69e64f9 -l 5725db6d34077f16dbad0836' 
alias -g m='-m mrjn'
alias -g a='-m ashwin95r'
alias -g p='-m pawanrawal2'
alias -g k='-m koppula'

Then I can do this:
trello-create-learning -n "Testing" m a p k

This would create a card with all 4 of us as members. Note that this won’t work on bash, only zsh.


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