Common Clause on License => Dgraph is not Open Source


Follow-up on Switching Dgraph to a Liberal License - Dgraph Blog

@mrjn How do you plan to address the concerns?

(Joe Bordes) #2

I think the existing and potential community would appreciate (actually needs) a stance on your part (that would be better than closing the previous ticket which gave a really bad impression to me).

It doesn’t have to be something we like, but at least something we can count on.

  • we are not going to change so stop ranting
  • we are studying our different options and will respond formally as soon as we can (diplomatic no answer)
  • how about license X?
  • Let’s vote

(Adam Hopkins) #3

@mrjn and dgraph staff…

Is this something you are looking into addressing? Any comment that would say “No change” or “we’re looking into it”?