Help us understand your use case and get free enterprise license

Hi folks,

I’d like to have a chat with a few of you who are using Dgraph in production – so I better understand your use case and why you guys chose to use Dgraph.

I’m happy to pay in swag, Dgraph t-shirt, Dgraph stickers, and if we do a use case study, a free 6-mo enterprise license to use enterprise features.

Ping me here or DM me so we can schedule a time to chat. It would help us immensely in understanding the reach of Dgraph and how we can improve this machinery.



I signed up only to leave you this message. At first I really liked the Dgraph website and everything. It lists APL in many places. After 10 minutes of reading I stumble across the Commons Clause. Aha, there is the catch. I found a lot more discussion here in the forum. I feel cheated that this is not stated prominently. I wasted my time. You wasted my time.
Regarding the enterprise license, there is no need. CC is just a little less painful that AGPL but still a no go. All the best.

We don’t use Commons Clause.

Ok, I understand. The Commons Clause is still listed on the Docker Hub page Docker Hub, see screenshot.

By looking at the URL I have assumed that it is an official Docker image made by Dgraph and that the info is correct. Never mind, then it is outdated.

I fixed it there. It was outdated.

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