Communication channels (Public and Private)

@mrjn shared this article which is very interesting.

####1. To keep all discussion regarding DGraph public unless it explicitly needs to be private.

Gitter for general discussions(where users can come and ask some real-time questions) and some Public topics in Discourse should work well to achieve this.

2. For private conversations.

  • Regarding what we are working on
  • How we are thinking on going ahead with what we aim to accomplish.

Do we need slack/hipchat ? I don’t think we need it for now. I will be talking to minio guys today and see what they use. Will also do some reading on it. But after reading experiences of BaseCamp I feel , having private topics in Discourse would be a better idea for structured discussions. I guess real-time chat with people being in different timezones does have a lot of negatives. What do you guys think about this ?

That’s my feeling as well. Having read that article, and being a big believer in single tasking – I think we should be cautious about spending too much time and effort into group chat. From that perspective, the lack of features of Gitter is in a way doing us a favour :wink:.

Eager to hear what Minio guys have to say.

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Yes exactly, instead of being disturbed by a constantly buzzing chat app, we can go back to the discussion and see it when we want to.

Reading this article:

@mrjn Had a talk with Karthic Rao. Minio guys have another gitter channel for private communication. They mostly use hangouts for chat communication.

Not a fan of hangouts for chatting. And Discourse seems like a nice one so far – this might just stick for us. So, we wouldn’t need anything other than Gitter.

I have the same feeling. Discourse brings much more value with structured discussions. Also, I am wary of depending too much on any of chat applications.

So yes, Gitter + Discourse should be good.

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Alright. It’s decided then! Closing the topic for now.

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