Gitter or IRC? Which do you prefer? Please vote

  • Gitter
  • IRC Channel
  • None, is sufficient
  • Something else. Please specify in comments.

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I’m personally a huge fan of slack.

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Honestly, Slack is very expensive to run for us. We’ll have to pay $8-$10 for every user in there.

If you guys happen to have an always-on server, you could host Mattermost on it, but it comes with the ops overhead which is potentially painful (it’s written in your fav Golang :slight_smile:).

I find IRC pretty unwieldy if you’re going to have intense design discussions that you want to refer back to. IRC helps with broadcast or back of hand discussions and though I’m new to Gitter, it feels like Slack-ified IRC.

Discuss feels the most structured and suitable for feature specific discussions. I’d vote for Gitter for the unstructured discussions and Discuss for design specific brainstorming. But if I had to choose 1, I’d go for Discuss (plus a mailing list).


I decided to stick to Slack. It already works for us, and we spent time making it work. In addition, Slack’s apps are now pretty mature and stable, and work fast on all platforms – Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, what not. Most people already have Slack apps, and it would avoid the community downloading Mattermost or something else.

We don’t use Slack for anything of long term value because that’s what is for. So, for those reasons, we’ll open up our Slack channel to the community.

Why not use a chat system hosted on DGraph?

Here is an essay I wrote on several reasons why Slack is not a good choice for open source projects:

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Apart from IRC, I just haven’t seen anything as mature as Slack. Mattermost is nice, but their mobile apps have bad reviews. seems like a great initiative, and that’s something I can see us switching to once it has good support:

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