Could I ask for the faker feature?

I’ve asked for something “like” this before. But it was different.

A faker comes in handy when it comes to query planning and even the logical structure of your bussines layer.
I did a strange example of syntax below.

This would be interesting to handle query planning visually.

         query {
      Allusers(func: eq(Type, -> faker @return.string."user")) {
        id : uid -> faker @uid
        name -> faker @names
       	age -> faker @ages
        married -> faker @boolean.aleatory
               Messages -> faker @22x {        
                   id : uid -> faker @uid
                  Type -> faker @return.string."message" #This would return the exacly string wrinten to all examples
                  SendBy -> faker @user
                  Title -> faker @loremipsum.31.title
                  Text -> faker @loremipsum.140
                  Timestamp -> faker @datetime
                  session -> faker @number.aleatory.3
                  ageversion-> faker @number.aleatory.3 + @facets.somefacet #just guessing
              friends -> faker @10x {
                        id : uid -> faker @uid
                        name -> faker @names
                        age -> faker @ages
                        married -> faker @boolean.aleatory

Hey @MichelDiz

This looks like something that would help with testing and should be done by the application instead of the database.

Which application? The client? or the end user application? or a third party repository?

My question is more in the sense of Querying by the default UI of Dgraph. If you use something third you can’t do that kind of “test” on the UI that Dgraph team produce.Creating an option in the UI and a small program in Go.lang that generates “lorem pisum” should not be such a complex problem. Right?

I understand better what you are talking about now. It relates to testing and visualization of the UI. We can maybe do it after v1.0.

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So, I’ll add an issue there for follow and not forget. Right?

Yeah, please add an issue on Github.

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