Quickly create example graph data for "dgraph" using Arrows

(Michel Conrado (Support Engineer)) #1

See the example bellow.

I had no interest in Graph databases. Now that I met the Dgraph, I began to pay more attention. Already had a notion of Neo4J, but I found a bit bureaucratic in the beginning and did not have mind to devote time to this.

Today I’m interested in Dgraph.

Below is a video I found of a blogger. It exports to Cypher. My question is, could you by a Graph builder like this natively in the Dgraph project? Like that Arrow Graph builder?

It seems simple at first.

Could I ask for the faker feature?
(Manish R Jain) #2

This is interesting. We would be adding more features to our UI post v1.0. At that time, we could look into this.

(system) #3

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